Control Corridor

In a fictional conduit space, language and function are recontextualized as the HalfLifers struggle to re-assess the nature of their mission while engaged in an eternal cycle of maintenance and communication routines.

Ben Coonley: Post Pony Trilogy

In the Post Pony Trilogy, Coonley serves as frustrated host to a series of flawed lessons on currency markets and current events. His heartbreak over a missing pony sidekick presents an obstacle to achieving his pedagogical goals. While coping with the lingering effects of a broken heart, Coonley struggles to maintain composure for his audience, who are instructed to interact with the videos. In the final segment, The Last Pony, ponies replace Coonley altogether and discover that their method of anarchic equine instruction is more interesting than the human’s method.

Ben Coonley: Trick Pony Trilogy

The Trick Pony Trilogy is a series of parodic instructional videos hosted by the artist and a talking mechanical hobbyhorse. Human and pony present lessons on a series of rule-based systems including Texas country dancing, the film editing principle known as the “Kuleshov Effect,” and football strategy. The pony serves as sidekick and foil to Coonley’s stuttering pedantic Everyman, disrupting his academic demonstrations with songs, whinnies and frequent requests to be brushed.

Corazon Sangrante

In this humorous short, Astrid Hadad, dressed in traditional folkloric costumes and religious garments, sings and performs to a Chilean love ballad before a painterly background of fantastic landscapes. Her hyperbolic posturings enact the song’s tale of a woman’s heartbreak. This satirical presentation of femininity references pathos and the role of the victim. Cuevas’s use of animation and video montage adds a playful tone to the heartfelt melodrama of love songs, familiar touchstones in all cultures.

Coven of the Heathenites

A summer sojourn is fleshed out for maximum solar exposure in this video travelogue of sun, sea and epidermal exhibitionism. The states of mind and geographic localities are awash in a flow of imagery that rushes in on a tide of both Pacific and Atlantic origins. The people and places that bathe in this magnificence add both a sacred and profane froth into the salty brew; a witches brew of sculpted creations bubbling up with volatile violations from the depths of unfathomable needs.

The Creators of Shopping Worlds

Brave new shopping worlds are being created. What have mall owners, architects, surveillance technicians, and supermarket workers done to turn human subjects into pure streams of consumers, into the perfect inhabitants of shopping mall paradise?

Creeping Crimson

George visits his mother in the hospital on Halloween and contemplates the autumn colors.

This title is also available on The World of George Kuchar.

Cretins of the Crate

A party of past students illuminates this diary of boxed dreams, as those enclosed face the real world and nurture into existence the future people of the next millennium.

Crimes of Armand Tessler

The daughter of a famous detective infiltrates a vice ring of white slavery, only to become ensnared in a sordid world of Burlesque houses and subterranean urges best left buried under law-enforcement paperwork. A large and exuberant cast brings this San Francisco Art Institute production into full bloom as the evil fruits are plucked into view in full color and big sound! Many guest performers from the outside world graced our soundstage for this one!

The Crypt of Frankenstein

This is the final part of a trilogy about the tribulations of Sherri Frankenstein (at least I think it's the last of these atrocities). Made with my class at the San Francisco Art Institute, this fast paced cheapy looks like a million bucks worth of eye candy as it relentlessly snowballs to a chilling climax. The thrills are cheap too as the plot details the heroine's joy ride through Hollywood and her detour into a cathedral of corruption. Fun for the whole, dysfunctional family!

Ximena Cuevas: El Mundo del Silencio (The Silent World)

Cuevas is obsessed with the micro movements of daily life, with the border between truth and fiction, with the "impossibility" of reality. Her work relentlessly seeks out the layers of lies covering the everyday representations of reality and systematically explores the fictions of national identity and gender.

Cult of the Cubicles

In this classic example of the Kuchar style, George travels to the Bronx to visit his mother and to see old classmates from art school. “We see what they have become or are becoming or already became.”

This title is also available on The World of George Kuchar.

Donigan Cumming Videoworks: Volume 3

Three short pieces highlighting how difficult it is to create images that make sense in a world where everything is flawed and everything has already been said.

Curmudgeon on the Campus

Tippi the she-devil gets a little playmate of the feline persuasion while I dangle about the puppet populated premises with a head full of scholastic memories that delineate several teaching gigs featuring the fruits of our intercourse.

Curse of the Kurva

Something primitive projects into the present to upset the lives of a group of people delving into past-life regression techniques. The hairy intrusion is both attractive and repellent as he strips bare a suburban carcass composed of Christian pretensions and pagan proclivities.